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          The University of Texas at Tyler

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          Canvas is your Learning Management System at The University of Texas at Tyler. Canvas gives you access to your online, hybrid, and technology enriched courses. Student success is at the heart of Canvas. Utilize all the tools available to help you succeed in your learning experiences.

          Canvas 101 is an introduction for UT Tyler students. Practice your Canvas skills before you begin learning with your classmates by clicking Canvas 101. For continued Canvas updates, Student Success Information, and Quick Links give your attention to the resources below. 

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          The Canvas Experience

          The Canvas Experience

          See how Canvas is changing the face of education one institution at a time.
          Find out who’s using Canvas, why they love Canvas, what they do with Canvas, how Canvas enhances their classroom, how they chose Canvas in the first place, and a whole lot more. Check out their stories...

          UT Tyler

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